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HCV's mighty mouse (2011)

Research technique: The murine candidate (2011)

Researchers Advance Study of Hepatitis C with New Model (2011)

Profile of Charles M. Rice in PNAS (2011)

Hepatitis C mouse model a major milestone. Development paves the way for testing potential vaccines. (2011)

BBC News: Hepatitis fight aided by liver cells advance (2010)

Engineering a new way to study hepatitis C (2010)

Scientists visualize how a vital hepatitis C virus protein moves along its nucleic acid substrate (2009)

Multitasking may be Achilles heel for hepatitis C (2009)

Rockefeller virologists and MIT tissue engineers receive $5.8 million NIH grant to study hepatitis (2009)

Discovery could lead to a new animal model for hepatitis C (2009)

By imaging live cells, researchers show how hepatitis C replicates (2008)

New Theory Suggests How Hepatitis C May Cause Rare Immune Disease (2008)

New Hepatitis C Advisory Council Draws Praise From Commissioner, Legislators, Advocates (2008)

Hepatitis C Researcher to Receive Prize (2007)

2 Winning Drug Tests, One Expected and One a Surprise (2007)

Ira M. Jacobson named "Physician of the Year" by the American Liver Foundation (2007)

New Drugs, Dosing Highlight New Approaches to Hepatitis C (2007)

Projects in Knowledge: Hepatitis C: From Scientific Foundations to New Vistas in Treatment (2007)

Hepatitis C virus blocks 'superinfection' (2007)

Key protein for hepatitis C virus entry identified (2007)

Key protein for hepatitis C virus entry identified (2007)

Trial Confirms Power of Hepatitis C Combo Therapy (2006)

WIN-R Study Demonstrates Efficacy of Shorter PEG-INTRON and REBETOL Regimen in Hepatitis C Patients with Genotype 2 or 3 Virus (2006)

Win-R Study: Ribavirin Weight-Base Dosing in High Weight Patients; Treatment Responses to PegIntron/RBV for Elderly Patients and by Patient Ethnicity (2006)

Largest U.S. Hepatitis C Trial Provides Insight Into Optimizing Treatment for Patients (2006)

New Data From Largest U.S. Hepatitis C Trial Provide Insights Into Optimizing Treatment For Patient Populations

Projects in Knowledge: Revolutionizing the Way We Treat HCV: STAT-C

Researchers show laboratory hepatitis C strain is also infectious in animal models (2006)

Largest Hepatitis C Trial in U.S. Patients Shows Weight-Based REBETOL in Combination with PEG-INTRON Increases Sustained Response, Lowers Relapse (2005)

Does Weight-based Ribavirin Dosing Increase Sustained Viral Response in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C? Final Results of the WIN-R Study (2005)

Building a better vaccine (2005)

How does your virus grow? (2005)

Researchers create infectious hepatitis C virus in a test tube (2005)

Science Briefs - Role for dendritic cells in HCV (2004)

Study shows weight-based REBETOL dosing in combination with PEG-INTRON significantly improves viral clearance in African-American patients with most-difficult-to-treat form of hepatitis C. (2004)

Interview with Charles M. Rice, Ph.D. (2004)

Hepatitis C: Progress toward New Therapies (2004)

Hepatitis C's Time Bomb Ticks
Chicago Tribune December 1, 2003

Researchers Identify Key to Genetic Replication in Hepatitis C Virus (2000)

University and neighbors form joint HCV research center(2000)

First Hepatitis-C Center in Northeast Region Established By Rockefeller University, New York-Presbyterian, and Weill Cornell (2000)